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$0.99 for Window Trades*/$3.95 for Real-Time Trades

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BANQ® offers Low Priced Trading and Execution 

Opening an account is quick and easy and funding it takes only a few minutes. 

Step 1: Open Account

Open an account in just a few minutes

It just takes a few minutes to open an account. Investors may open an individual, joint, corporate or IRA account to house their securities.

Step 2: Deposit Funds

Deposit Funds

It just takes a few minutes to open an account or reserve shares* 

Investors may open an individual, joint, corporate or IRA account to house your securities. Deposits can be made via wire transfer, ACH deposit or mailing in a check.

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Start Trading

BANQ® offers $0.99 For Window Trades/ $3.95 for Real-Time Trades*

A window trade is an innovative way of placing trades designed for long-term investors. Instead of executing immediately orders are sent to market twice a day (11 AM and 2 PM).

In addition to our unique window trades, BANQ® offers market, stop, limit and stop/limit orders at a flat rate of $3.95 per trade.


BANQ®is a division and website operated by TriPoint Global Equities LLC, which is a registered Broker/Dealer with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") and member FINRA/SIPC/MSRB. TriPoint Global Equities FINRA CRD # is 143174 and SEC File #8-67540.

Your Account is SIPC Insured

The Securities Investor Protection Corporation—or SIPC—is a nonprofit membership corporation that was created by federal statute in 1970. Unlike FDIC insurance, SIPC does not provide blanket coverage. Instead, SIPC protects customers of SIPC-member broker-dealers if the firm fails financially. Coverage is up to $500,000 per customer for all accounts at the same institution, including a $250,000 limit for cash. For more information about SIPC, go to addition to SIPC coverage, our clearing firm, FOLIOfn, has also purchased from certain underwriters at Lloyds supplemental customer securities insurance with a total aggregate limit of $50 million. This coverage is limited to a combined return of $10 million to any customer from SIPC and certain underwriters at Lloyds. Neither SIPC nor the insurance coverage protect against losses resulting from a decline in the market value of securities.

Transparent Pricing

Pricing for Accounts

Real-Time Trades

$3.95 Per Trade

Market order/ Limit order/ Stop order/ Stop limit order

Window Trades

$0.99 Per Trade

Trades are executed twice daily, at 11 am and 2 pm*, during regular market hours.

Trading Services Fees

Service Fee

Variable, adjusted periodically

$15.00 Per Quarter

Fees to offset regulatory and transaction costs imposed on brokers relating to sell transactions in certain securities.

If 3 or fewer trades in the preceding quarter or no purchase of offerings. Charges for additional services such as IRA custodial fees, may apply. See Special Service and Fee for Standard Rates.

Full Account Transfer Out

$100 Per Account

Applied when you transfer your entire account to another brokerage firm.

Partial Account Transfer Out

$5 per security ($25 min / $75 max)

Applied when you transfer some of the securities (e.g., stocks) in your account to another brokerage without selling the securities.

Personal Access Check

$5.00 Per Booklet

Applied when you transfer some of the securities (e.g., stocks) in your account to another brokerage without selling the securities.

Returned Check or EFT

$35 Per Occurrence

Applied when Non-sufficient Funds (NSF) result in a returned check or failed Electronic Funds Transfer request

Stop Payment on Check

$35 Per Check test

Market order/ Limit order/ Stop order/ Stop limit order

Check Copy

$20Per Check

Market order/ Limit order/ Stop order/ Stop limit order

Disbursement of Funds by Check by Mail from BANQ®

$20 Per Check

You may avoid this fee by using an EFT or writing a check from your account.Express Mail$30 per mailing, M–F delivery $45 per mailing, Sat delivery

Paper Copies of Account Statements & Confirmations

$10 per statement or confirmation request

Market order/ Limit order/ Stop order/ Stop limit order

Broker-Assisted Services: Buy & Sell Securities by phone, Transfer of Securities, Cash, and Tax Lots Between Accounts

$45 Per Request

You can avoid this fee by performing these actions online, without Broker assistance. We do not provide these services by email.

Process Removal of Securities Restriction for Restricted Securities (Rule 144)


Market order/ Limit order/ Stop order/ Stop limit order

Voluntary Corporate Action

$30 per Corporate Action Election

Applicable when you participate in the tender offer for a corporate reorganization, however, there is no charge for mandatory actions, such as mergers or acquisitions.

Charge for Special Services

$100 per hour, $25.00 minimum charge

Hourly charges apply when you require services not covered by the charges above, such as research requests, manual credit card transactions, and validation for IRA distributions when beneficiaries are not designated or there are no living designated beneficiaries.

Account Statement Alert Failure/ Bad Email Address Fee

$5 per occurrence, $25.00 minimum charge

Applied when email alert regarding your monthly statement can not be delivered. You can avoid this fee by simply updating your email address before the end of the month upon receiving a physical letter regarding delivery failure of email alert.

IRA Custodial Fee

$25 per year

For each IRA custodial account we will apply this fee annually, or when you close your IRA if this fee has not already been applied for the year.


What are the risks of trading and investing?

All securities trading, whether in stocks, options, or other investment vehicles, is speculative in nature and involves substantial risk of loss. BANQ® encourages its Customers to invest carefully and to use the information available at the websites of the SEC at and FINRA at Customers can review public companies’ filings at the SEC's EDGAR page. FINRA has published information on how to invest carefully at its website. BANQ believes it is very important that every Customer understands all of the risks of any form of trading or investing prior to trading or investing real dollars. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. By investing their money in securities through BANQ®, Customers are taking full responsibility for all trading actions, and should make every effort to understand the risks involved including suitability. For additional information on suitability, please review the Suitability FAQ section.

Does BANQ® solicit trades?

All trades, with exception of IPOs and Private Placements, are not solicited on the BANQ® platform. Investors who trade through the BANQ® platform make their own trading and investment decisions. BANQ® registered representatives will not provide investment advice, solicit orders, act as a market makers, produce research or provide commentary. Only the client can initiate the buy or sell transactions. All trade confirmations will indicate "unsolicited." Investors are encouraged to review their suitability and investment objectives BEFORE any trade is initiated. For additional information on suitability, please review the Suitability FAQ section.

Is there an account minimum?

There is no minimum dollar amount to open or maintain an account on BANQ®

Does BANQ® allow trading in all stocks?

BANQ® offers trading in NYSE and NASDAQ listed stocks. We do not allow the purchase or sale of OTC securites, PINK sheet or foreign issuers

Does BANQ® offer margin trading?

BANQ® currently does not offer margin trading 

Does BANQ® allow short selling?

BANQ® currently does not offer short selling 

Does BANQ® offer option trading?

BANQ® currently does not offer option trading but may do so in the future. Please check back.

What is "Suitability"?

Although BANQ® has taken the position that only Accredited Investors may participate in certain offerings for which we act as placement agent, we do not view accredited status as de facto evidence of suitability. Suitability also goes beyond just the financial resources to participate as an accredited investor, but also encompasses the appropriate knowledge and understanding of risk. Investing in the stock market is speculative and investors should understand the risks associated with the investment and what is suitable for their investment objectives. Before making any investment in a BANQ® placed offering, an investor needs to establish his or hers investment profile and to consider, for each investment, the product or strategy’s investment objectives, characteristics, liquidity risks and potential benefits, volatility and likely performance in a variety of market and economic conditions.

What is an Accredited Investor?

Accredited investors are persons who, due to their income and/or net worth, are deemed to have a level of financial sophistication such that they require a lesser level of protection under the federal securities laws. With regard to individuals, a person shall be deemed to be accredited if they meet at least one of the following requirements: As used in Regulation D, the following terms shall have the meaning indicated: Any director, executive officer, or general partner of the issuer of the securities being offered or sold, or any director, executive officer, or general partner of a general partner of that issuer;Any natural person whose individual net worth, or joint net worth with that person's spouse, at the time of his purchase exceeds $1,000,000, exclusive of residence;Any natural person who had an individual income in excess of $200,000 in each of the two most recent years or joint income with that person's spouse in excess of $300,000 in each of those years and has a reasonable expectation of reaching the same income level in the current year