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The Simpler IpO

Regulation A+

The Small-Cap IPO


Return of the Small-Cap IPO

We are really excited about Reg A+ and what it means for the return of the IPO. Our methodology enables Reg A+ offerings to trade on National Securities exchanges if the issuer meets the listing criteria. We made history by completing the first Reg A+ to list on a National Securities Exchange and the first list on the NYSE and has conducted NASDAQ listings as well.

Reg A+ is not just for equity offerings, but can be an effective methodology for the sale of crypto or token offerings in a manner that complies with securities law and regulation as well. BANQ can also facilitate fully-compliant Security Token Offerings ("STO").

Regulation A+

More access for more people. More access for the Crowd

On March 25, the Securities and Exchange Commission formally adopted final rules, which update and expand Regulation A, an exemption from the registration requirements mandated by the Securities Act of 1933. These newly adopted rules, which have been dubbed “Reg. A+,” provide an exemption for small offerings.

  • Provides small cap issuers ability to raise up to $50.0MM in a 12-month period
  • Raise capital faster and less expensively than traditional methods
  • Both accredited and non-accreditedinvestors are permitted to participate
  • National Blue Sky exemption (can market to all 50 states)
  • Allows test the waters period to determine investor appetite
  • Enables use of public channels suchas email or social media to market an offering
  • Establishes reduced filing and compliance requirements for issuer
  • Please read through the slides below to learn how we can support a company listing through Regulation A+ and list on the NYSE, NASDAQ or the OTC Markets.